Wagner® delivers superior quality with premium brakes that meet or exceed the highest design and manufacturing standards. As an aftermarket customer, you can rely on the same level of quality.
Brake Lathe Tip Requirements

Brake Noise – Is it the Fault of the Disc Pads or the Rotors?

Many service technicians are experiencing comebacks on disc brake pads sooner than they expect due to noise. In most cases, the brake rotor is the culprit. Proper rotor surface and cleaning are critical to overall braking performance. Rotor Surface’s Impact on Brake Noise The smoother the rotor, the better. When dragging a fingernail over the…

Normal Master Cylinder Position

No Pedal with New Master Cylinder Installation

A “no brake pedal” condition can be encountered after a new master cylinder is installed leading the technician to believe that the master cylinder is defective. This usually occurs during the bleeding process when the brake system is manually bled. The brake pedal will go to the floor and subsequent efforts to get a satisfactory…

Hydro Brake Booster

How To Inspect a Hydro Brake Booster

Garage Guru John Dixon shows you how to properly inspect a Hydro Brake Booster.

How to Install Premium Rotors

In this video, Garage Guru Rick Kearns shows you the steps to remove and install a Wagner Premium E-Coated Brake Rotor.

How to Prepare Rotors For Installation

In this video, Garage Guru Rick Kearns shows you how to properly wash a new rotor before installation. Check out http://www.fmgaragegurus.com for more information.

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