Quality Matters

Why What’s Inside Counts

There are a lot of inferior parts available today and only one reason to buy them…price.  However, the price you pay for installing inferior parts is much higher than the money you save initially.

Quality matters.  Quality service and quality parts go hand-in-hand when delivering the best value to the consumer.

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Trouble-Shooting: Hub Bearings

Front End Noise


Low quality so-called value grade hubs can create noise issues that annoy your customers and reflect poorly on your shop.

Poor Hub Quality Compromises ABS Brake Function


The ABS light comes on, the customer comes back. Low quality hubs means low quality sensors. Spec premium and avoid comebacks.

Low Quality Means Poor Durability

Asphalt`s holes on roadbed.

Premium hubs last 3 to 4 times longer than low price hubs.  Let your customers know, low price does not equal value.


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