Quality Matters

Quality Parts Need a Quality Process

There are a lot of inferior parts available today and only one reason to buy them… price. However, the price you pay for installing inferior parts is much higher than the money you initially save. Quality matters. Quality service and quality parts go hand-in-hand when delivering the best value to the consumer. Know what’s in the box. Join the “Quality Matters” movement by signing up and receive the quality matters badge, in-store display and more.

Follow the Process, Increase the Profit

Most of the starters and alternators returned for warranty claims are without defect. Following the correct diagnostic procedures for all vehicles with a starting or charging issue will help you avoid ordering a part that you don’t need to complete the job. It will also help you better serve your customers.

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Following diagnostic procedures is a big part of quality repair service. Our Rotating Electric category has the diagnostic tools you need to increase your profits.

Quality Parts Matter for Hub Bearings


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Diagnostic Videos


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