The section covers batteries, serpentine belts and tensioners, alternators and starters and decoupler pulleys including OAP and OAD. Use our Starting & Charging Diagnostics eLearning Tool to run through intuitive, interactive diagnostics.

Stretch Belts In-Depth

Stretch belts are commonly used to reduce noise and vibration that would otherwise be caused by a long serpentine belt. Here is an overview of stretch belts.

Understanding Drive Belt Maintenance

The following tips and indicators will help you educate your customers on their vehicle’s drive belt. From wear and tear warning signs to replacement guidelines, this is your one-stop guide to drive belt maintenance.

Establishing an Ignition Power Supply

Testing the connection from the CoP to the power supply is essential, as a coil will not fire without a closed connection to the power supply.

Troubleshooting the Alternator

The following alternator information has been created as a guide for charging system diagnosis and troubleshooting the alternator.

Driving Technology: Improved Battery Output

Batteries have gotten much more powerful in the last 20 years. Still, batteries are too big to be an efficient way to store power for an automobile. So the quest to shrink batteries carries on.

Batteries Charge Ahead

Most vehicle batteries need to be replaced three or four times during their lifetime. Average battery life is about four years, and less in hot climates. For maximum life, batteries must be fully charged and not left discharged for long.

Testing Automotive Batteries and Starters

Understanding battery ratings and charging procedures is a big part in the testing of a faulty battery. If a battery isn’t prepared properly, it can end up failing all sorts of tests even if it’s still a good battery.

Hybrid Battery Replacement

Independent repair shop can now service and replace hybrid batteries in vehicles. Learn more about this program in this video brought to you by Dorman.

Toyota Prius Gen 1 Hybrid Battery Installation

A look at the proper hybrid battery installation on a Toyota Prius Gen 1 vehicle.

Toyota Prius Gen 2 Hybrid Battery Installation

A look at the proper hybrid battery installation on a Toyota Prius Gen 2 vehicle.

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