Maintaining Your Customers’ Trust

Expand Your Service Toolkit at the Automotive Aftermarket’s Premier Event: Aapex As a service professional, you understand the importance of building and preserving trust with your clients. Vehicle owners count on you to keep them on the road—and you count on comprehensive knowledge to keep them safe. At the aftermarket industry’s premier event, you’ll access…

Going to AAPEX/SEMA? Visit the Know Your Parts Booth

If you’re planning to go to AAPEX/SEMA this year be sure to stop at the Know Your Parts booth at AAPEX. The Know Your Parts exhibit will be at AAPEX Sands 340001. All shop owners and technicians who visit the exhibit and learn about all the new things planed for the Know Your Parts site…

All The Technical Help You Need, All in One Place

Vehicle diagnosis and repair is a difficult job. It requires dedication and technical skill. In fact the average ASE certified technician has training that equals two years in engineering school. Even the best technicians can run into a problem or have questions about a repair. That’s why we developed the kypTechLine web app. You can…

Garage Gurus – Remarkable Results Radio Podcast

Who remembers the Moog St. Louis training center? Were you one of the lucky ones that got a chance to go? As a member of the automotive aftermarket, training is something you do every day, at every level of the industry to keep up. Technician training comes in many forms today. It is one of…

Mobile Diagnostic Entrepreneur and Industry Trainer Shares the Power of Networking

Carm Capriotto Remarkable Results Radio  Eric Ziegler owner of E-Z Diagnostic Solutions is a Mobile Diagnostics and Programming company specializing in collision centers and auto repair facilities. LISTEN HERE. Eric shares sage advice on diagnostic challenges, training, networking, labor rates. He also imparts his passion on the need for bigger labor rates, specialization, silver bullets, and…

Quality Counts

In the auto aftermarket high quality is the best business plan. In the complicated business of vehicle repair, quality work requires an ongoing commitment to learning and training. It also requires a commitment to only installing quality parts. Unfortunately, there are a lot of lower quality parts available today. There is also a lot of…

How to Grow Your Auto Repair Business Using Quality Parts

There was a recent article by Brian Canning, a 30-year veteran of the automotive repair industry, in MotorAge magazine. In it, he talks about the importance of quality for shops trying to thrive in a competitive industry. The value to the consumer of competent, quality service along with a commitment to installing only quality parts will help establish a shop’s “brand” to the consumer.

Perspective: Quality Parts and Service A Matter of Life and Death

We all understand the huge responsibility we take on in servicing and repairing our customers’ vehicles. Quality parts matter. the value proposition behind the AASA Know Your Parts® campaign. Quality aftermarket products are backed by research and development, quality materials, superior manufacturing processes, and manufacturers who stand behind them

Many Unhappy Returns

There are many reasons why you should diagnose and perform the process before you order a part, and here are a few to help you avoid unhappy returns.

When It Comes To Parts…Beware of Imitations

The effects of counterfeit auto parts are serious. Fake parts are poorly made and can fail easily, leading to comebacks and a damaged reputation.

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