It’s what’s inside you – your training, experience and dedication – that makes you a great service professional. The same is true of the parts you install, too: It’s what’s inside that counts!


Quality aftermarket products are backed by research and development, quality materials, superior manufacturing processes and full service manufacturers who stand behind them.


The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) represents the manufacturers of the parts you install every day. AASA members started the Know Your Parts® campaign with the slogan, “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” because …


  • Quality replacement parts provide the best value in the long run.
  • Essential services such as cataloging, technical support and training are provided by full service manufacturers.
  • Full service manufacturers invest in research and new product development.


The Know Your Parts campaign slogan points out the vital roles all automotive aftermarket channel partners have in producing, distributing and installing quality parts:


It’s What Inside …


  • Full Service Manufacturers that invest in research, superior manufacturing process to quality parts and promote essential services
  • Channel Partners that use the “Supplier Evaluation Standards” when making buying decisions and promote quality products from trusted full service manufacturers
  • You, the Service Professional, who invests in training and apply their experience and dedication by installing only the highest quality replacement parts from trusted full service manufacturers


… That Counts!


The Know Your Parts manufacturers support you as you do your job as a service professional by:


  • Replacing worn or broken parts with high quality, premium parts back by full service manufacturers,
  • Checking to make sure products are supplied by the same full service manufacturers who provide the premium parts for jobs where a lesser grade product is used.
  • Doing the job completely and properly.


Vehicle owners rely on you to install quality parts and do the job right, the first time. Your best assurance of creating a satisfied customer and minimizing comebacks is installing quality parts from a full service manufacturer.


AASA and its members encourage you to bookmark this site. Come back often to learn more about quality parts from the full service aftermarket manufacturers who make them and stand behind them.


Your partners in the automotive aftermarket,


AASA and its full service aftermarket manufacturer members


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